Alternative-Electronic music artist out of Canada.

Panik Attack is a hard edged electronic-alternative project started in 2001. Fronted by Jonathan A. Miller, Panik Attack got its start in remix contests on What started as a solo project eventually grew and became a main focus which led to the 14 track, studio album "Derealization", released in 2008. On it was the single “Save Our Souls” which gained notoriety as the title track for the movie 5ive Girls. Subsequently a music video for the track was produced and released in 2009 and has nearly 40k views on YouTube. 2010 began with a brief hiatus to focus on TV & Film in which time, Panik Attack won “Best Original Theme” in the 2011 SOCAN young audio-visual composer awards with the title track “Unrivaled ft. Conscious Thought”.

2016 Begins a new year, and with it comes the independent release of "Start:Decline", an EP with 8 all new dark, pumping original tracks and remixes. Panik Attack is poised and ready to go full steam, breathing new life into the project with fresh sounds that both abstracts and embodies the sounds of industrial, rock, glitch and dance. It follows a dark and provocative narrative about heartbreak, betrayal, and desolation. Available on Google Play in 2016!